GoSurf's Story

Our Mission

Changing the dynamic of the surf industry, GoSurf is a mobile application that connects surfers with instructors, coaches, photographers and videographers. We hope to uplift the surf community with the rising tide of online efficiency, easy accessibility, and equity.

How we got here

Founder Aleksei Stojanovic Identified the independent contractor market within the surf industry through his experience as a surf instructor in San Diego. Considering all the demand he had to teach surf lessons to friends who did not have a board or experience, his first thought was to create an app that matches those who want to learn to surf with local surf instructors. As time went on, Aleksei was in search of the resources and the knowledge necessary to build an app. A couple of years later during a surf trip in Portugal, he found himself in a ride-sharing app where he met an entrepreneur named Shivam who just moved to Portugal to expand his startup app company. Shivam was pitching his startup to Aleksei and trying to get him to join. They figured they could learn from each other. Aleksei would do his marketing for three months, and Shivam would guide Aleksei through the initial stages of development in creating an application, show him the ins and outs of the startup industry, and provide him with a free place to live. Four months later, he placed third in the Arizona State University Entrepreneurship competition where they were able to give him grit funding to continue his development which has expanded into the app you see today.

Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer     / Aleksei Stojanovic

Chief Technology Officer  / Dominiq Martinez

Chief Financial Officer      / Thomas Morberg

Operations Analyst           / Nate Wesley

Chief Marketing Officer    / Cameron Christian

Logistics Director             / Andrew Davidson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GoSurf?

GoSurf is a mobile application that connects users with surf camps, instructors, photographers, and videographers in Southern California


When will the application launch?

The application is still currently in the beta phase and continued to be developed daily, furthermore, we are expecting to launch the app in the upcoming months.


How will I use the app?

The experience on the application will differ depending on whether you are a user or an instructor/photographer. Furthermore, we will be sending out instructionals as well as increased information on how the logistics behind the application will work as we move closer to our designated launch date.

What happens if the booked photographer/instructor does not show up?

If the individual you booked doesn’t show up, don’t worry, your payment will be returned! Please enjoy your session without the scheduled resource and contact us after so we can make things right!

What happens if I get injured?

If you are seriously injured and need medical assistance, call 911 immediately. Non-serious injuries should be dealt with properly with the assistance of lifeguards or a first aid kit located in your vehicle. Keep in mind, while most surfing sessions leave you with nothing but a smile, the sport can be extremely dangerous. GoSurf is not responsible for injury, death, or lasting traumas that can occur during a session.

How much does it cost?

Each resource in our database is priced differently! GoSurf is currently charging a small service fee on all connections made on our platform ($5 or %10 based on the listing).

When is the best time to book a session?

The best time to book a session is as soon as possible! Get after it! On a serious note, this is a loaded question and depends on conditions, skill level, and time available. Keep an eye out for wind, wave size, and ocean temperatures. Additionally, communicate with your instructor/photographer on what you are looking to get out of the session.

GoSurf is a database, service, and review app for surf camps, instructors, coaches, surfers, photographers, videographers, storefronts and potential sponsors. The purpose of the GoSurf database is to connect tourists, beginners, experienced surfers, and sponsored surfers with the resources they need to progress.