How to Learn to Surf at Any Age - Follow These 5 Steps!

Nate Wesley
July 17, 2020

What Are The Requirements:

Desire to Go Surf

The first and most simple step is acknowledging your desire to learn to surf! Whether you’ve had the desire for a long time or surfing is a new interest, anyone can learn to surf. Barefoot Surf Travel mentions the difficulty of the learning curve, as it’s much more complex than other sports. So don’t feel discouraged if your motivation fluctuates throughout the process. Without desire, you may go surf, but will you actually ever learn how to surf?

Beach Accessibility

This step is sometimes overlooked by beginners who want to learn to surf but access to the beach can be impeded by distance, time, or transportation. If you can establish a way to reach the beach regularly that fits into your schedule, then you will be able to gain enough exposure (especially in the beginning) to truly grow as a surfer. With experience comes learning, so it’s important to paddle out as often as you can!

A Surfboard

This step may seem the most obvious, yet the options are nearly endless. It is typically good to learn to surf with a longer, thicker surfboard and many foam surfboards are a great start. Surfboards are not typically cheap pieces of equipment but there are still great deals in the right places. GoSurf helps with the surfboard selection process by providing surf rental options, as well as shapers. As many of our team members are surf experts, help is never far away should you just reach out and ask!

What Are Your Goals:

Setting Your Goals

In a short film titled “How to Learn How to Surf,” Tom Sachs creatively comments on surf culture and the process of learning how to surf. He has a goal to have fun while surfing, while others in the video strictly desire skill improvement or even to simply look cool enough in a picture on their surfboard. In the video, the viewers are reminded that surfing should be considered fun and not work. 

It is pertinent to actually want to go surf and be able to get to the beach regularly with access to a surfboard, as previously mentioned. Yet it can be difficult charting your own path to improvement, regardless of how many online articles/videos are consumed or if you download an app for waves. This is why it is important to first acknowledge your true goals if you want to learn to surf.

Reaching Your Goals

To check the waves and know the surf report is useful, but the fastest way to learn to surf is with help from experienced surfers who have been through it themselves. The Inertia explains in an article titled “5 Reasons Why You’re Not Too Old to Learn to Surf” that this is significantly due to the large community of older surfers. Their claims are true, yet learning how to surf can still be a daunting journey at any age if you don’t have personal support. The importance of accessing the right resources to reach your goals couldn’t be greater and that’s where GoSurf comes in. Whatever your goals are‒ look no further‒ GoSurf has all of your surf needs covered!


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